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Old Time Radio on Sounds Of Yesteryear is filled with ghost stories, monsters, creatures who walk the earth, and other tales of the unexplained.

Enjoy the chilling terrors of these classic old-time radio productions. These are some of the tales that people used to spend their evenings listening to back in the day. What a treat for a stormy spooky night!

The War of the Worlds

The announcer said, “The Columbia Broadcasting System and its affiliated stations present Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater On The Air in ‘The War of the Worlds’ by H.G. Wells.” This segued into the Mercury Theater’s theme music and an introduction by Orson Welles. What followed in the next hour, a dramatization of the science fiction classic presented as special news bulletins interrupting a make-believe music program, panicked the nation and created the most famous single episode of Old Time Radio in history.

Between 9 PM Easter Standard Time and dawn of the next day men, women and children in scores of towns and cities across the nation were in flight from objects that only existed in their imaginations. Estimates are that six million Americans heard that broadcast and of that one million panicked. Many wonder how such a thing was possible. After all, the show started with the aforementioned announcement, followed by Orson Welles orating about how Mankind has been watched since the beginning of the 20th Century.

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Three Skeleton Key

Three Skeleton Key by George G. Toudouze is a classic story of terror about three men who are in a lighthouse when it is attacked by a horde of ravenous rats.

Thing On The Fourble

The Thing on the Fourble Board, which originally aired on August 9, 1948, is one of Quiet, Please’ better known (and better preserved stories. It is told in the form of an interview with a retired oil field roughneck named Porky about some events that happened twenty years previously. It seems the well was digging core samples when it brought up an engraved gold ring – from a mile beneath the surface.

House in Cypress Canyon

This episode features a young couple that moves to Los Angeles, and of course, their dream house becomes a nightmare of epic proportions. This episode truly creeped me out the first time I listened to it. I hope you enjoy it as well..

Sorry, Wrong Number

A bedridden neurotic woman (starring Agnes Moorehead) dials a number and is accidentally connected to a call between two men who are plotting a murder. She becomes increasingly frantic as no one takes her fright seriously and time begins to run out.

The Country of the Blind

In Escape's "The Country of the Blind," a mountaineer, lost in the snowy Ecuadorian mountains, finds a valley, cut-off from the rest of civilization and inhabited only by the blind.

Ghost Hunt

In this story about a stunt that goes wrong, radio personality Smiley Smith and paranormal investigator, Dr. Reed tour a haunted house in Malibu, California. Their experiences are recorded for playback on Smith's show. The house, known as "The Death Trap," has a bad reputation because four of its residents have committed suicide.